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advantage of Digital vs Analog Weighing Scales

05 Sep 2018
advantage of Digital vs Analog Weighing Scales
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What is the advantage of Digital vs Analog Weighing Scales?

Analog Scales

Difficult to read → These scales usually depict weight by a small pointer. With the large display of numbers and dashes the pointer can easily be lost among all the distractions and deciphering the exact weight it is yielding can be very difficult.

Style → Analog scales are more “old school” they look dated and are usually big and bulky.

Easy to calibrate → Calibration on these scales is fairly simple. Most can usually be adjusted with a small turn knob on the bottom side of the scale.

Digital Scales:

Easy to read → Unlike analog scales, the digital display delivers your weight clearly. Most digital scales also come with a black-lit led screen to make it even easier to read your weight.

Precision → Digital scales typically have better precision as they can measure up to the decimal in increments.

Style → Most of the digital scales available have sleek designs. They are aesthetically pleasing and don’t need to be hidden away.

Calibration → When it comes to calibration, the analog scale may have the digital beat because not all digital scales are easily adjusted.

Regardless of the scale you choose, look for one that is accurate, precise, durable, and affordable!

Accuracy is obviously most important. No one wants a scale that lies to them…well okay, I wouldn’t mind if mine lied by 5 pounds ;)

A precise scale is one that is consistent be sure it can collect a certain weight repeatedly without varying.

You really want to make sure the scale you choose is durable. It may get bumped or moved around and you’ll be standing on and off of it over and over. Not only do you want your scale to be physically durable, you want it to be durable on the inside as well —the computer of the scale. No one wants a bathroom scale that deteriorates from moisture. Visit www.ewcmalaysia.com.my

I really want you to know that you do not have to shell out a fortune on your bathroom scale. There are plenty of designs that work just as well as high end ones…if not the same.
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