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Wireless Table Paging Calling System

M-Tech Wireless Calling System was designed specially for restaurant and cafe businesses. It helps customers to contact waiters instantly with ease. Customers can now push a button on the table unit to notify the waiters. A message will be transmitted to the watch or display monitor, informing the waiter the specific table number or type of service requested.

Operation & Installation: Full installation services and training will be provided to your precious employees.

M-Tech Wireless Calling System consists of table buttons to be placed at each table, Watch to be held by service staff and the Display to be placed on the wall for staff viewing. Customer presses the button on the Table Call to contact the waiter. Display will have sound alert and the table number will be displayed. At the same time, waiter’s Watch will vibrate and show the table number and type of service requested.

Moto Infinity Wireless Table Paging Calling System


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